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 Here at Eco Friendly Air, we take a different approach to how an HVAC company should operate in our modern society. Firstly, all of our employees and customers understand the importance of being aware of the effects we have on our environment, and we work every day to come up with better ways to help solve the energy crisis we all find ourselves in today. One way we accomplish this is by specializing in high efficient heating and air conditioning equipment.

All of us here in the Las Vegas area know how extremely important our air conditioners are to us, but did you know you’re A/C equipment can account for as much as 70% of your power bill? That’s crazy right!? We believe so. Every day we meet people that are giving $500-$700 per month to the power company just so they can feel comfortable in their own homes.

And to make things worse, here is another sad reality: Too many customers are getting ripped off by HVAC companies who make every promise in the world just to sell a new HVAC system, and then that company doesn't deliver on their promises or they do a poor job installing the new equipment. Either way, the customer loses.






There was a time when I was like everyone else, in desperate need of a reliable HVAC  company when my A/C died in the middle of summer. I chose a company I believed was reliable and had a new HVAC system installed in my home. Long story short, I had nothing but trouble with it every year I had it. Out of frustration and a little curiosity, I decided to educate myself in the very complex field of HVAC. Only then did I realize how many short cuts had been taken during the installation of my new system to in order to  “get the price down”. As it turns out, I liked learning about how air conditioning systems work and eventually got a job as a HVAC Service Technician and many years later, became a licensed contractor.

Today, Eco Friendly Air is a very successful and environmentally aware local Las Vegas company that knows how to treat their customers and really strives to make an impact in our community. Every technician and installer we hire is highly trained, and before they are hired, they must meet me in my own home so I can make sure I’m comfortable before sending them into your home. Whether you need new high efficient air conditioning system to cut that power bill into pieces, or you need an expert repair technician to fix or improve the one you have, give us a call and we can work together to be more Eco Friendly! Join our Circle today and let us make you happy!






Hello, this is Sofia Maffioli, President of Eco Friendly Air. Thank you for taking the time to check out our website. The fact that you are here probably means you have an air conditioning problem. But don’t worry, we have plenty of expert repair technicians ready to dispatch to your location and get you nice and cool again. If you care to learn a little more about our company, please read on.

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